Distinctive features of a luxury hotel

We all need a break from our busy schedule at some point in life. Without a break it is impossible to go on working. Such breaks are often utilized by going for a vacation with family and friends. Usually in such vacations people go out to their favorite destination and explore new tourist spots. There are numerous tourist spots across the globe. Tourism industry is a thriving industry in the world today. There are many allied industry like the hospitality industry that has come up to support and further enhance the tourism industry.

A tourist destination becomes popular not only because of its scenic beauty but also because of the hotels and accommodation facilities in that area. A tourist destination with a wide range of luxury hotels and budget hotels that cater to all kinds of tourists tend to do better that other tourist spots.

Nowadays the demand for luxurious living in hotels has increased and there are more and more luxury hotels that are coming up to cater to such demands. There is no fixed definition of a luxury hotel. In fact many three star or five star hotels pose themselves as luxury hotels.

Experience of a luxury hotel

Every time you travel you want an upscale experience in the hotel you opt for. The hotel must provide you with all the comfort and amenities that will help you forget your stress and relax for a few days and forget about all worldly tensions. There are many new terms that are now appended to hotels nowadays—luxury, boutique, three star, five star etc. But these labels are not enough to determine whether these hotels are worth going to. There are some distinctive features that make a hotel give you a luxurious experience.

Features of a luxurious hotel

Attentive Staff providing discreet service: quality service provided consistently is important for a hotel to provide you with a luxurious experience. It is a difficult task to train the staff in such a manner that they provide consistent service to the guests.

Personalization: luxury hotels will make you feel special, as if they were eagerly waiting to serve you. No wonder, when you step into the hotel and the staff greets you by your name, it immediately bridges the gap between you and the hotel staff and elevates your experience of staying in the hotel.
Simple booking: whether you are booking over the phone, online or through a travel agent the booking process should be simple and hassle free. This is the very first step of staying in that hotel, and if the contact from that hotel is a knowledgeable and friendly person it immediately increases your desire to stay in that hotel.
Distinctive guest rooms: the hotel room is probably the most important criterion in the hotel. Luxury hotels distinguish themselves from mid-range hotels by providing a good quality and clean room with all the amenities that might be needed by you—like bath and beauty products, a safe closet space, some snacks and goodies, drinking water, bath robes etc.

On-site facilities: on-site services like 24-hour gym, social lobby, free Wi-Fi, a concierge etc. are needed to upgrade a hotel to a luxury hotel.

Good food and drinks: a luxury hotel will provide you with a wide array of food and drinks with a reputed 0n-site restaurant that cater to the taste buds from different countries such that its buffet cuisine is halal and can be eaten by all.

Quick problem solving: bets of luxury hotels will find you quick solutions to all problems as if it is their own problem.

Pool service: most luxury hotels have a swimming pool where guests can laze around.
Kids’ amenities: best of the luxury hotels provide with amenities for your child like a play area.
Bedding: this is often used a marketing point by luxury hotels. All luxury hotels pay special attention to the bed that they provide.