Five Must-Have Things for Your Ideal Staycation

Vacations are days that people take off from their busy schedules to relax and enjoy with family or alone without worrying about schedules or work. But does a vacation always mean that one has to travel to some exotic beach or hill station and spend hard earned money at some outrageously priced resort to stay and eat. Staycation can be done at a local farmhouse or budget seaside hotel if you are looking for cheap staycation in Singapore.

Large duffle bag

A sturdy canvas duffle bag with a top zipper, leather bottom and flap lock that can be fastened with a code can be the best carry-all to keep essentials for a short term getaway. Select a dark colored one with sturdy zip pockets on the sides so that dust and grime do not look ugly as they tend do on light colored bags. It is always advisable to carry a duffle bag with comfortable padded handles so it can be comfortably carried by hand or on the shoulder.

Spa Treatment

When you are travelling to a lesser known resort or a vacationing at a homestay then it makes sense to carry your own bag of toiletries. As you have all the time in the world to pamper and rejuvenate yourself take a wide range of products comprising of face, body and feet exfoliator along with toner and moisturizer. Nourish your body with scented oils and soak in bath salts to get back to your regular life with glowing skin and fresh mind.

Swimming essentials

Staycation in Singapore is never far away from the beach as the city is spread across an island. The tropical heat forces most residents to look for water holes which can be either a hotel swimming pool or closest beach to the homestay. Keeping an extra pair of swimwear does not hurt as it occupies very less space and can be very useful when you want to enjoy a quick dip to cool off.

Wine and cheese picnic set

Some farmhouses even have homestay facilities where you just need to take a few essentials for a relaxed vacation. For a short weekend trip pack a picnic set like this to explore the locality you are staying in without worrying about food and drink as it can pack in plenty of snacks and gadgets.

Protection gear

Even though Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in Asia mosquitoes and flies are common in this tropical city. It is best to carry around protective gear like mosquito repellants and sun control cream along with umbrella irrespective of the location of cheap staycation in Singapore you are staying.