How Can Acne Be Treated During Pregnancy

How Can Acne Be Treated During Pregnancy?

Hormonal imbalances are the common causes of acne in most people. During pregnancies, fluctuations in hormone levels are to be expected and this often presents itself in the form of acne.
While there are reliable acne treatments like lasers for acne in Singapore and other parts of the world, all of them are not ideal for use during the periods of pregnancy. As the
pregnancy is a sensitive time for women, any medications need to be thoroughly analysed before administration. It is imperative that people understand that, acne breakout is unlikely to
stop until childbirth. In light of this, medical experts have come up with some acne treatment options which are safe for use even during pregnancies. In this article, we
shall discuss, how can acne be treated during pregnancy.

Some oral antibiotics like erythromycin are safe for acne treatment during the periods of pregnancy. These antibiotics work by decimating the bacteria concentration in the follicles.
Additionally, they keep, the infusion of annoying chemicals into the blood by white blood cells in check. It is imperative people understand that not all antibiotics are safe for use
during pregnancies. Also, there is evidence of antibiotics mitigating the potency of contraceptive pills, so this also should be kept in mind. Antibiotics also help with inflammation as
they affect the sebum oil in terms of its contents.

Topical antibiotics
Tropical antibiotics are used to keep the acne breakouts in check once it has been brought under control. Most dermatologists do not prefer this method as the bacteria causing the acne
often become resistant to the antibiotic after prolonged use. While the use of antibiotics should be avoided as far as possible, people are advised to consult their doctors in this regard,
especially during pregnancies.

Benzoyl peroxide
Acne treatment lotions which contain this potent chemical are easily available over the counter. While lotions containing this as the key ingredient are mostly safe for use during
pregnancy, it is advisable to consult with the doctor prior to using it. These lotions decimate the bacteria responsible for causing acne and thus help in the treatment.

Topical retinoids which work by regulating the rate of skin turnover are ideal for treatment of acne. However, not all retinoids are safe for use during pregnancy. So people are advised
to consult their doctor´┐Żs prior to using one. Some effective retinoids for treatment for acne are Tazorac and Retin-A.

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