Treatments to Achieve Quick and Painless Cellulite Removal

When the skin appears dimpled and irregular, it causes an unsightly display termed cellulite. While this is true for both men and women, this is especially frustrating for women who always thrive to be slim with smooth and glowing skin. The unfortunate fact is that women are most likely to have this condition.

Thanks to the great technological breakthrough in cosmetic surgeries. The doctors can now treat cellulite following energy-based procedures. Radiofrequency treatment is one such process that is becoming predominant. It can penetrate deep into the skin for cellulite removal to rectify the orange peel look of the skin.

What takes place?

The doctor or the health care provider draws a grid on the skin to mark the affected area. A gel is then applied before starting the procedure. This helps in two ways: lubricate and create a barrier between the RF device and skin. The hand-piece is then moved across the affected area for about 30 minutes. A soothing gel is also applied after completing the treatment. Some clinics also use a numbing gel to start the process.

How do radiofrequency treatments work?

It targets the fat cells and enhances collagen production. When driven deep into the skin through hand-pieces, it kills the fat cells that are flushed out of the body through our lymphatic system. Increased collagen production also helps to reduce the bumps and dimples. Thus, there is an overall improvement in skin condition.

Different types of radiofrequency treatments

1. VelaShape

This is a non-invasive procedure for cellulite removal that works well on thighs and belly. This makes one look youthful with a toned and well-shaped body. The process uses a combination of bi-polar radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum suction, massage. Due to the deep heating of the fat cells along with the connective tissues it improves the structure and texture of the skin.

2. Venus Freeze

This uses radiofrequency for treating cellulite. It penetrates the skin and melts the fat cells beneath the skin. The dissolved fat cells are absorbed by the lymphatic system and get flushed out of the body. It also tightens up the skin for a better look. This is ideal for cellulite removal on the back of legs, bottom, hips, and thighs.

3. ThermiSmooth Body

It lets you tighten and smooth the skin and treat cellulite without surgery by reducing fat and producing more collagen. The device showers controlled radiofrequency beams on the affected area for optimum heating. It rejuvenates the tissue for a more youthful look and rectifies cellulite. The session takes about 30 minutes and the patients do not feel anything except slight vibration.

4. Zimmer Z Wave 

It uses radial plus therapy. High energy radial shockwaves are imparted on the target area for stimulating the improved collagen formation. It also improves blood circulation and also improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Why try radiofrequency treatments?

This is a safe procedure requiring no surgery. No matter what is your skin type or the location of cellulite, you may wish to try these non-invasive treatments first.


  • Fast and painless process
  • Needs no recovery time
  • Ensures complete removal